Walls and Partitions

Clean empty apartment roomBefore you pick up your hammer and start destroying a wall or even begin building a partition, you need to have a basic understanding of the different types of materials used in constructing these –


The Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed but he couldn’t destroy a brick wall because it is immensely strong. It is further reinforced with Plaster of Paris on both sides.

Bricks with Iron or Steel Bars

Often, iron rods are inserted at regular intervals to further strengthen a brick wall. Alternatively, thin steel strips of about 6 mm diameter are also used.

Bricks with Studs and Nogs

A brick wall can be constructed within a wooden framework of vertical posts (known as ‘studs’) and horizontal posts (known as ‘nogs’).

Terracotta, Clay, or Concrete

Terracotta, clay, and / or concrete blocks are often used to construct partitions. These are very popular because they are –

• Robust
• Firm
• Cost effective
• Resistant to fire and sound


There are 2 types of glass walls –

1. Sheets of glass – These are fixed to a wooden framework in a rectangular or a square design. The size and thickness of these glass panels vary considerably and buyers, therefore, are spoilt for choice.

2. Glass bricks – These are hollow and are translucent, allowing some light to filter through, making it ideal for dark areas like passages and hallways.

Glass walls are a popular choice because they are –

• Cost effective
• Light
• Easy to build
• Resistant to sound

However, glass is a fragile material and it might break, get scratches, or cracks. So, to improve durability you can consider glass that is –

• Reinforced
• Three-ply or
• Armor plated

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