Wall Coverings

Clean empty apartment roomBefore you begin selecting from the mind-boggling varieties of wall coverings that are available, you need to ask yourself a few questions –

How Much Traffic Will it Attract?

Wallpaper is okay for areas with less traffic, for example, office cabins or bedrooms. The more durable vinyl is perfect for high traffic areas like hallways.

This type of synthetic material is also easy to clean. It is usually available in 3 different varieties–

Vinyl Paper – This has a paper base on which PVC or polyvinyl chloride has been sprayed on to give it a fancy, pleasing look

Vinyl Solid – This is a sheet of vinyl which has been laminated onto a paper base. It is very durable and can even scrubbed clean.

Vinyl Fabric – Instead of vinyl sheets, a woven fabric or similar is laminated to give a decorative look

How Will it Be Used?

At home or at work …different types of wall coverings are usually found in commercial spaces like –

• Hotels
• Offices
• Apartments
• Shops and other retail outlets
• Hospitals, schools and so on.

Other Options
Wall coverings made of natural or synthetic textiles are also available. You can use sound-absorbing wall coverings in studios, conference rooms, auditoriums, or restaurants. Wooden veneers are also a popular option.

Call us right now to find out how your budget, your lifestyle, and several other factors should determine your choice of wall coverings.