Vinyl Flooring

vinyl flooringYour vinyl flooring will last you a lifetime but you have to treat it as gently as possible.

Protect it from Dust

Protect it from its biggest enemy, dust, by using a doormat. Dust corrodes it like sandpaper and destroys its sheen. So you will need to clean it frequently – but gently. Your best friend should be a soft broom that will sweep dirt and dust away before it accumulates inside the layers of the vinyl.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaners

Anything more stubborn than dust can be mopped away with some water or a damp mop. You may also dissolve some mild baby shampoo in this water, at times, if you wish. Make a weak solution, at best and avoid using too much shampoo.

If the shampoo doesn’t do the trick you may use soap or a floor cleaner. But first, try making a weak solution by diluting it with some tap water. Wipe away the shampoo or the floor cleaner with some warm water. Remember, not hot water, which might destroy the vinyl over a period of time.

Use Water Sparingly

Don’t soak the floor with water and leave it there. Water droplets might just trickle right into the cracks and edges of the vinyl sheets. Once it is lodged there, it will begin diluting the glue that holds the vinyl sheets together. Then the vinyl flooring will begin curling at the edges or will just fall apart in pieces.

Resist the temptation to bring out the heavy machinery and blast away the layers of dirt. Even while vacuuming, use the mildest method possible. With some care, you will be able to enjoy your vinyl flooring for a lifetime.

But don’t forget to call us if you need special tips on how to take care of your vinyl flooring or if you wish to install a new one.