Underground Parking Restoration

under ground parking restorationYou need to restore and renovate your underground parking facilities if you see that a heavier load has created cracks in the concrete pillars

Thumb of rule is that you need to inspect and evaluate your garage once every 2 years since it bears the weight of the entire building. It needs to be regularly maintained without which it can show signs of crumbling. Freezing and thawing in extreme weather conditions, usage of salts, etc for de-icing, vehicular pressure, and so on creates substantial stresses on an underground garage.

These days, however, such spaces are used for anything but parking cars. For example, we have converted and restored the unused spaces in underground parking lots to –

• An indoor garden with medicinal herbs
• A library
• A recreational area for office employees
• A club where a family can chill with pool, darts, etc
• A crèche for working mothers
• A play area for soccer, basketball, and so on

Brightly lit and safe areas are hard to come by in a bustling, crowded city. Therefore, don’t allow your underground garage to be wasted or to become a den of illegal activities. Promote it as a safe hub for children, the elderly, and families to enjoy communal activities.

You can even cordon off small areas for AA meetings, social activists can use it as a meeting point, or you can even allow small community fairs, garage sales and so on to flourish in this area.

Call us right now to see how else you can put your underground parking lot to good use and restore and renovate it for greater good.