Underground Garages Painting

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABasement garages are painted for one of two reasons – to beautify it or to protect it. Both costs money. But the way we do it actually ensures that you get sufficient returns on your initial investment.

How Paint Protects Your Parking Spaces

When you seal the concrete with paints, plaster, and other coatings you actually help protect it. Dust, pollutants, and other chemicals actually corrode the porous layers of concrete, slowly and gradually over a period of time. But once concrete walls, ceilings and floors of your garage are painted, such molecules settle on the painted, non-porous surface. Now, it becomes easier to clean and remove them.

Also, it is imperative to paint your garages, a task we often neglect to do because ‘no one will ever see it’. We try to save costs or time and ‘forget’ to paint our garages.

As a result, small droplets of moisture begin penetrating the porous surface of the concrete layer. Such moisture drops are always floating in the air, even in dry climates. They are brought on naturally by wind, by vehicular traffic, and by leaking water pipes in your building. They combine with pollutants and seep through concrete to corrode the steel beams of your building. The steel begins expanding, and appears as cracks and holes in your concrete.

How Paint Protects You and Your Family

When you paint lines and signs in dark, badly-lit garages, you actually help improve traffic safety. You also reduce non-compliance with building codes.

Call us right now to see how our hi-tech processes help you save money while painting your parking spaces, including –

• Garage walls, floors, and ceilings
• Parking lines
• Traffic signs
• Water and other pipes
• All sorts of hardware, etc
• Floor toppings as well as floor sealers