Spray Applications

spray applicationsHow to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Your Spray Application Painter
Before hiring a painter for your spray painting applications, you will obviously run through the basic checklists like –

• Prices
• References
• Client lists and so on

But you also need to keep an eagle eye out for other details to avoid being ripped off.

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

Alarming bells should be clanging if your contract –

• Is written in poor, difficult-to-understand, language
• Does not mention the type of material your painter will use
• What hourly or contractual rate has been agreed upon by both of you
• How many coats of paint will they use and so on

Don’t fall for the usual line that ‘we use this standard contract for all our customers’. Every project is different and every client has their own requirements. Therefore, every contract must be modified to suit individual needs.

Do Spot-Checks

Another stunt most painters use is that they display fancy brochures from one top-of-line company. Then, they use cheaper quality products from another one.

Keep doing spot-checks on their products and don’t allow them to use cans of paints that are already open.

Foam Painter Tricks

Foam painters will state that they will typically apply an inch of foam, which is the bare minimum. Ask your painter to keep checking the foam thickness by probing the applied paint.
Rule of thumb is that you should apply 1 inch and a quarter more to get a thickness of an inch. So many people have been scammed into paying for 2-inch thickness and have received only three-quarter thickness of foam.

At Decorating Group Depot, you won’t have to worry about these issues. Call you right now to see how we protect you from being scammed by painters and how transparent our processes are.