sandblastingWhen an abrasive material is propelled towards another surface, at high speeds and at high pressure, it known as sandblasting.
This is used to –

· Smoothen rough edges and uneven surfaces

· Alternatively, roughen up an area that is even and plain

· Mold an uneven surface into a particular shape

· Clean up dirt, pollutants, and contaminants.

Pencil Blasting

Micro-abrasive or pencil blasting is used to etch diagrams or names on surfaces like glass. It is typically used on small areas and its tiny nozzles are no larger than 1.5 mm

Automated Sandblasting

When the whole process of sandblasting is completed automated by machines, it is known as automated sandblasting.

Sandblasting Materials

Even though it is still called sandblasting, sand is no longer used as a material. Sand used to be the popular, and the only, choice earlier. However, it created a lot of dust during the blasting process. This led to lung diseases in the sandblasting operators.

These days, sand has been replaced by powdered abrasives like –

· Finely powdered shells of coconut

· Tiny steel bits

· Copper shavings

· Grits of the shell of walnuts and so on.

Even so, a lot of dust is created during this process and therefore, protective gear is essential. Call us right now to find out what precautionary steps you must take before you decide to undertake sandblasting.