Parquet Flooring

parque flooringParquet flooring is considered to be green and eco-friendly and since such types of flooring are made from bamboo therefore they are as lovely as any other type of high-end flooring, for example, wood.

Advantages of Using Parquet Floors

In addition, bamboo parquets are –

• Easy to maintain and clean
• Fire and dust resistant
• Available in several beautiful colors, shades, and styles
• Almost half the price of wooden flooring
• Easy to install and renew

Disadvantages of Using Parquet Floors

However, you might want to avoid using it in –
• High traffic areas like passages
• High moisture areas like a washroom where it might swell up in patches
• Areas where it might be scratched or dented easily like a nursery or an office
• Balconies, where the sun might bleach or fade it
• Kitchens, where it will absorb and retain stains easily
• Libraries and other quiet areas because this type of flooring will considerably magnify sound

The Four Different Types of Parquet Floors

Horizontal and vertical parquet floors are made from bamboo strips that are laminated together sequentially.

Engineered parquet floors are made from processed bamboo fibers.

Stranded bamboo parquet floors are made from fibers that have been heat pressed together and soaked in adhesives. This makes it the most durable type of parquet flooring.

Maintenance Tips

Avoid –
• Contact with water for long durations
• Using harsh chemicals and abrasives for cleaning – A little vinegar dissolved in warm water should be enough to clean your floors.
• Using non-warranty flooring – Ideally, it should be sold with warranties between 10 and 25 years

Call us right now to see if you will be able to maintain a parquet bamboo flooring or if you are better off using another type of flooring altogether.