Low-rise Buildings Painting

lowrise painting• We’ll fill in all holes or cracks in your walls
• Remove crusty old paint
• Use water jetting to its maximum advantage
• We’ll sand your walls to perfection
• Scrape surfaces with the latest technology
• Beautify walls that are scratched, torn, bumped , scraped, and marred

The #1 enemy of low-rise building exteriors is graffiti. Well, we employ anti-graffiti painting coats that allows you to merely wash off all drawings and images with soap, water and a sponge. You can do this without even damaging the substrate.

Get rid of all aerosol vandalism, all types of graffiti art, spray painted drawings, permanent marker pens etc all by yourself. Your building façade looks spanking new for years to come.

What’s more, use our high-technology anti-graffiti paint on trains, buses, your cars, subway walls and don’t forget to apply it generously on the ground floors of all buildings like restaurants, residential apartments, schools, colleges, hospitals, and other high traffic areas.

Another common enemy of such buildings is accidental fire. Use our special fire retardant paints to diminish fire hazards and keep your valuables and loved ones safe at all times.

Save money, reduce costs with our top-of-the-line temp-coats. These paints protect your premises from heat loss during cold winter months and help you save on energy bills. During hot summers, heat is repelled from the surface of your home, keeping it cooler and slashing large air-conditioner bills.