Leasehold Improvement

residential multi unit

Residential Multi Unit

Residential Multi Units are also known as MDU or Multi Dwelling Units. These are usually available in two types –

1. Compact housing sections within one building, also known as an apartment or a condominium
2. A row of houses within a complex, also known as a row house
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interior renovations

Interior Renovations
Embarking on an interiors renovation project is nothing short of preparing for war. You need to be clear-headed, well-prepared, and, above all, you must have army of trained soldiers at your disposal.

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• Repair crumbling ceilings or add false ceilings to remodel old interiors and give it a spanking new look
• Remove damp from walls before it damages your façade
• Demolish old walls and partitions and construct newer, more space-efficient dividers
• Add modern electrical wiring before sparks and resultant fire ravage your building
• Replace antiquated plumbing to reduce water wastage and save costs
• Modernize fire protection measures
• Improve security
• Renew flooring with a new, contemporary look

Modernize your existing leasehold building so that you get maximum bang for the buck and you are able to utilize every available square inch of commercial space. Increase your return on investment by using our modern, cutting-edge solutions and the best materials that money can buy.

We offer the latest renovation techniques along with experience accumulated for over 30 years. Our techniques are time-tested and have resulted in hundreds of satisfied clients across the country. We specialize in leasehold improvement services in high-rises as well as low-rises. From the smallest to the most difficult of jobs, we undertake all types of projects.

In fact, we work meticulously and try to understand that smallest requirements of all our clients. Then we design customized solutions that address all their spoken and unspoken needs. Every suggestion is cost-effective and yet it allows us to finish all projects on time and within the specified budget. Contact us today for a free quote or just to see what you are missing.