Laminated Flooring

Man installing new laminated wooden floorLaminates, no doubt, impart an elegant look to any flooring. In addition, such floorings are also –

• Durable, sometimes lasting for two decades
• Available in a wide range of options and styles
• Easier to repair and maintain than most other types of flooring, especially hardwood
• Low cost

Laminates are an excellent alternative to its close cousin, the wooden flooring. It looks like wood but it also has a protective surface made from melamine resin. This makes it resistant to –

• Scratches
• Water and moisture
• Stains
• Yellowing
• Warping or fading from exposure to the sun

Laminates are also popular because they are –

• Easy to maintain – such floors don’t require constant polishing or waxing like wooden flooring
• Easy to clean – A mop and some water usually does the trick
• Ideal for high-traffic areas like bathrooms or kitchens. You can enjoy such floors in your balconies, porches, porticos, gardens, etc

Factors Affecting the Price of Laminated Flooring

Even though laminates are low-cost, its price increases depending upon the laminates ability to mimic wood. The more realistic it looks, the pricier it becomes.

The moisture resistance of this type of flooring also determines its price – the more moisture it can repel, the more expensive it becomes.

Its locking system also determines its price. You can glue the boards together, which makes it highly moisture resistant. Alternatively, you can use a locking system to keep the floorboards in place.

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