Kitchens and Cabenits

Small, White Modern Kitchen Interior Design• Peeling laminates?
• Dated old cabinets?
• Moldy wood?
• Rusty hinges?
• Broken handles
• Fusty cabinets badly in need of repair?

We offer end-to end services in which we either build new cabinets specially designed for you. Or we re-furbish your existing storage products so that they look modern and fresh. We deal with all types of cabinets and provide our special solutions from the smallest to the largest cabinet makeovers.

For the past 30 years, we have renovated and designed different types of cabinets –

• For the kitchen which includes a wide variety of styles and designs
• Tall cabinets that are usually placed in pantries or other secluded areas of the office or home
• Floor standing ones, for example, base cabinets that rests upon a toe kick which is a small riser, usually 4 inches in height
• Wall cases that are built-in
• Bookcases that prevent dust from collecting inside and yet proffer complete visibility of all books and magazines
• Cabinets with drawers as well as doors
• Showcases for displaying antiques, office equipment, etc
• Shelves and cabinets for office and commercial use

Our custom-designed cabinets are created after our in-house experts speak extensively with our clients and understand their specific requirements. We offer solutions and alternatives so that all your storage requirements are met. Then we make your cabinets with the best quality wood, hinges, screws, handles, and laminates that fit within your budget. We then install them on time, every time.

Contact us right away if you want to see our new designs and renovation solutions for cabinets.