Interior Renovations

interior renovationsEmbarking on an interiors renovation project is nothing short of preparing for war. You need to be clear-headed, well-prepared, and, above all, you must have army of trained soldiers at your disposal.

Needs and Wants

Begin by making 2 columns with a list of your –

• Needs i.e. must-haves and
• Wants i.e. nice-to-haves

This way, you will be clear about what you can fit within your budget, timelines etc.

How to Budget Cleverly

Thumb rule is that your costs must not exceed 5% of the total value of your property. So begin with a budget of 4% and keep another 1% handy for last-minute add-ons, delays, etc.

For smaller scale renovations, start with a ballpark figure in mind. Then keep 10% as a buffer for unexpected costs,

Meet your Timelines

Contractors almost always will exceed their deadlines. Keep a 50% buffer on time, for example, if they need 10 days to complete a project, start at least 15 days in advance. This buffer will take care of delays, clean-ups, and will allow paint to dry properly, etc.

Also, keep an eye on the weather as well. Extreme cold or monsoonal weather might create havoc on your interiors projects

Hire the Right Contractor

Throw away your Yellow Pages and begin asking for referrals. Visit the website of your shortlisted contractors – do you see valuable information listed there? How-tos, tips, sensible information presented without much fuss or fluff – that’s your guy.

Such companies are solid, knowledgeable, and are able to complete projects without drama or delays.

The Devil is in the Details

Not just the contract, but also the blueprint of your property should be thoroughly examined. Don’t allow your contractors to brush away irregularities by saying, ‘Oh, we do it like that for everyone.’ No. Put your foot down and get it done your way. Read up informative articles like “How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by Your Spray Application Painter”

Or, better still, just call us and get a free consultation on all the nitty-gritties. Let the best war veterans fight this war for you : )