Interior Painting

Clean Room In European Style• Flaky paints on your walls?
• Termites and red ants playing havoc?
• Leaking pipes and ugly damp spots
• Cracks and holes
• Peeling wallpapers?


We are experts at painting and renovating interiors and have more than 30 years of experience in solving precisely these types of problems. We begin by making an estimate of the damage done and the work needed.

We follow that up by consulting you and finding out the exact and precise requirements of our clients. We draft it formally in a proposal, which we submit to you for your approval

We confirm our activities and schedules with you beforehand. These are all pre-planned with fine precision. As a result, we always stick to our schedules, avoiding overruns and unnecessary delays.

Before painting begins, we prep your premises by covering everything in sight – the flooring, furniture, fixtures, etc. We help you remove furniture, we fill in the holes and cracks, remove peeling wallpaper, and ensure that all walls are ready before work begins on them.

Once the painting is done or the wallpaper is pasted, then we help you clean up, bring back furniture that was removed earlier, and generally ensure that premises is ready to use.

We can even complete all this within one day flat in some cases!

No wonder we have hundreds of satisfied clients all over the city.

Call us right now to see if we can paint or refurbish your interiors within a day and within your budget.