High-rise buildings Painting

high rise exterior paintingNo building is too tall for us – from 15 to 30 to even 50 floors!
For the past 30 years we have been painting the exteriors of –

• Some of the largest towers in the country
• The highest condos, residential and apartment buildings
• Major industrial complexes, factories, and warehouses
• Sprawling shopping malls
• Prestigious hotels
• Important hospitals and schools
• Posh townhouses and penthouse towers
• Water towers; industrial and holding tanks
• Garages structures and parking spaces
• Leasehold and commercial properties

You can select from different types of high-rise painting services like –

• Fireproof and fire retardant painting
• Thermal painting
• Electrostatic metal painting
• Acrylic wall textures
• Anti-graffiti painting
• Epoxy concrete coatings
• Commercial vinyl, wallpapers, and logos
• Oil stain removals
• Time and material painting

We have in place, effective safety procedures for our team and for building residents. We use only industry approved materials, exterior scaffoldings, have on-board painters who propel downwards as well as swing stage experts.

Call us right to find out about our new –

• Easy part-payment options
• Annual and long term maintenance agreements for tight budgets
• One-off repainting services and lots more!