High Pressure Water Cleaning

pressure washAlso known as hydro cleaning, you can use it when all else has failed. After you have given up on scrubbing, washing, mopping, you need to bring out the big guns i.e a high pressure water cleaning hose.

Use it to wash off –

• Stubborn gum
• Paint spots
• Graffiti
• Molten rubber and lots more!

Whip out your pressure washer if you find icky stuff glued to –

• The metal body of your vehicle
• Your driveway
• Sides of your building
• Patio furniture
• Barbeques and so on

Why High Pressure Water Cleaning is So Effective

When the humble pump is attached to an electric motor, it becomes a pressure washer. This emits super pressurized blasts of water jets between 1500 to 3000 psi or pounds per square inch! This jet of highly pressurized water can be either hot or cold.

Since the water is pressurized, it travels at high speeds and this builds up potent kinetic energy. The water molecules hit the molecules of dirt like microscopic hammers and knock it off quickly.

But it doesn’t damage the surface on which the dirt is stuck, for example, the body of your car.

Parts of a High Pressure Pump

A water inlet – A hose connects your washer to a faucet. You will find a filter here that prevents dirt from entering the hose.
An electric motor – This powers the water pump

A water pump – This pumps the water from the faucet towards the mouth of the hose at high speeds and pressure, about a couple of gallons of water per minute.

A hose – An ordinary hose wouldn’t be able to bear the high pressure of the water that now flows through it. Such hoses, therefore, are reinforced with a mesh and a few layers of plastic.

A cleaning attachment – This can be a trigger gun, a spray gun, a nozzle, etc.

Ask us to help you with your high-pressure water cleaning requirements because very are the experts who have been doing this for several years now.