counter tops• Fix your chipped countertops
• Replace countertops with shiny granite or laminate
• Increase workspace by installing custom designed countertops
• Upgrade shabby counters to get a new interior at low costs

We repair and design all types of countertops, including –

• Kitchen and pantry counters
• Dining tables and coffee tables
• Tables for laundry, ironing, and other uses
• Fancy table tops for your living room
• Workspaces for your shed or garage
• Computer tabletops and counters for office use

For the past 30 years we have offered top quality repairs as well as new custom designs of countertop materials –

• Such as those made from natural stones like marble, granite, slate, all types of wood, etc
• Or popular man-made metals like aluminum and stainless steel; concrete, and glass, etc
• And even newer manufactured materials like slabs of recycled wood, laminates, and so on

You can count on us to provide solutions that are cost effective and services that are timely and professional. In addition, we use only the best quality material that is available. All our in-house experts are trained to respond to your every query efficiently and with a smile.

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