Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

acustic ceilingsThere are special tiles you can use on your ceilings to muffle the acoustics and to prevent sound from leaking out of the room.

Commercial Uses of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Usually, such tiles are used commercially in –

• A studio, to capture every voice syllable and every note of music
• A conference room, to keep discussions confidential
• An auditorium, a stage, an opera house etc to throw the sound out towards the audience

Residential Uses

In residential areas, these tiles might help soundproof the –

• Cacophony that emanates from a child or a teenager’s room
• Noise from the floor above, for example, the clatter of footsteps
• Din from a neighbor’s apartment
• Sounds from a TV room or a kitchen and so on

Usually, people multiply the effects of soundproofing by muffling floors, doors, and windows, along with their ceilings.

However, such acoustical tiles are manufactured from a different material than the soundproofing material that is used on floors or walls. Acoustical ceiling tiles are made from fibrous materials like wood, metal, cork and so on.

Sometimes, they are also installed for decorative purposes to give the ceiling a layered or a textured look. In such cases, its soundproofing capabilities are considered as a nice-to-have added bonus.

Even so, owners do not mind paying that extra bit to buy acoustical ceiling tiles instead of regular tiles. They also need to pay more in order to install these special tiles on the roof of their homes.
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